Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My new motto

I owe my new motto to a very dear friend of mine; Thanks Toni!

"It can't be both of us; either I look good or the house looks good."

Love it! That definitely sums up what stage I am at in my life.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

In the still of the night

Having a new baby means that I am up several times a night. I will admit that I do not happily jump out of my cozy bed, stumble down the hallway, and get my crying baby - no I grumble the whole way! But once I get there I settle into a calm about the moment. After having Kinz, I know that these ultra quiet moments with just mommy and baby are short lived. So, I settle into my oh so familiar (and comfy) rocking chair and use the time to pray over my kids, ponder the events of the day, dream for their future, and try to be the mom they deserve. When Jax is back asleep, it is off to Kinz room to recover her with her blankets and gaze at the beautiful little girl who first opened my eyes to the role of motherhood. 

I take solace that in the still of the night, I am not alone. Somewhere in this vast world, there is a mommy doing the same exact thing and this role of motherhood has bonded us. So if you are up with your little one during the night, know that I am here in my Pottery Barn rocker with a baby in my arms, and that what we are doing is extremely important and worth every wakeful minute!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Only half the battle

The other day my friend and I were discussing going to the grocery store with 2 little ones. Before having our little guy, I naively thought that if I could just get everything ready and make it to the store, I would be fine. Not the case! Yes getting out of the house with everything you need is a chore. Getting the kids out of the car and in the correct place (currently that is Kinz in the cart and Jax in the sling or Bjorn.) is a challenge. Keeping them in that place and happy is sometimes problematic. Shopping for everything on your list (if you could find that list!) and making it through the checkout is an obstacle. Making it back to the car with all of your groceries and kids in car seats is work out. And just when you thought you had it hits you that now you must get all of those groceries out of the car and into their proper place. Inevitably when you get home, one of the kids will be hungry and need to be fed. Then the other. Then it is nap time for both of them. By the time you get both kids down, the butter that has been sitting on your counter with the rest of the groceries, is no longer a solid substance. Cheese is mushy, ice cream is runny, and milk is warm. That is usually the point that I grab a drink, sit on the couch, close my eyes, and tell myself "well at least the wine didn't spoil!"

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Tiny Dancer

Our little peanut just crossed another milestone in her life...she went to her first dance class! Those of you who know me are surely not surprised that she is going to dance class! She absolutely loved it. Kevin and I have always said that she is our little "free spirit" and there is no doubt after watching her today. It brought a little tear to my eye to watch her. This is the first "class" that she has gone to where I am not a part of the class. It totally showed me that she is growing up so fast! She is so self-assured and confident. I am so proud of her and can't wait to see what the future holds!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pump, Pump, Pump it up

It became that time again for me...not pregnant, 6+ weeks passed delivery, and getting a tad more sleep than's back to the gym time. I actually don't mind working out that much; probably because I choose to go to the classes that I like - namely yoga and cycling. That being said, I had not been to a cycling class since before I was pregnant with Jax. So yesterday I ventured back assuming it would be about the same as the last time I went - wrong! I had forgotten that sitting on that little tiny seat for an hour really hurts into the next day! Ouch, just sitting here typing is hurting. Today it is back to yoga - YIPPEE! That is really my kind of work out; barefoot, on the floor, eyes closed, and no talking. 

On a side note, my gym is really great and most of the people there really do want to work out. But every now and again I see these women walking around and I think they stumbled into the wrong place. They look like they got all dolled up for a hot night out. Is it just me in my SAHM mindframe to not wear make-up to the gym, pull my hair out of my face, and to wear something I don't mind sweating all over?

I did it!

Yes, after all this time I finally found enough free time to read a book. My choice was "The Doomsday Key" a historical fiction novel by James Rollins. It is part of his Sigma series which I just love. It took me a couple days to get through it's 430 pages but I did do it. My poor husband...he is always so excited when I finish a book because when I am reading something I am a bit consumed by it! Now, I am going to pass the book off to my dad will no doubt consider it a light mid-afternoon read. Yes, I am jealous! 

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thank You Pottery Barn!

The other night, as I was rocking my sweet little guy to sleep, I got to thinking about my rocking chair. Many nights have been spent in that chair as I often rock myself and my babies to sleep. It has soothed both myself and my kids in the worst of moments. It is the perfect chair for late night feedings and late night tears. It is easily the best present I received when my daughter was born. Thank goodness it has a washable slipcover (I won't mention all the reasons why it has needed a washing but if you are a parent you know!)